My Cool Low-Budget Videos

By using some visuals, I’ve tried to explain some basic business legal concepts in language that business and real estate professionals, as well as small business folks, can hopefully more easily understand. Learning should be fun!

Do You Need A Corporation/LLC for Your Business?
January 2011
This is a discussion about whether or not you need to put your business into a corporation or a limited liability company, or just leave it as a sole proprietorship.
What is an LLC and Should You Use One for Your Small Business?
August 2011
This is a discussion about whether or not an LLC is the right entity choice for you and your small business. Emphasizes California law.
Legal Considerations For Buying and Selling Your Small Business
October 2013
This is a discussion about the legal considerations for buying and selling your small business.
Partnerships: Initial Legal Considerations
September 2014
Thinking about forming a partnership or afraid you may have already formed one? This short video about how to form a partnership, and initial legal considerations, is for you.