Practice Areas

General Business

My business practice caters to startups and small businesses in various industries , including tech, food & beverage, real estate, professionals (lawyers, doctors, dentists, architects, engineers), trades (plumbers, roofers, contractors) distributors, and health & fitness.


Advising and guiding officers and directors on governance and compliance issues; shareholder agreements; incorporations in any state; securities exemption filings; option plans. Corporate forms include Corporations, S-Corporations, B Corporations, Benefit Corporations, Flexible Purpose Corporations, and Non-Profit Corporations


Tax advice for individual tax planning and business structures; representation of individuals and businesses before the IRS and other agencies; short sales and foreclosures; offers in compromise

Real Estate

Real Estate transactions – purchase and sales, commercial leases Real estate Filings – grant deeds, quitclaims, deeds of trust and reconveyance, assignments, powers of attorney

Intellectual Property

Guidance on what’s protectable and what’s not; how to create something protectable; registering trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office; copyrights


Terms of Use; Privacy Policies; Sales and Use Tax; Trademarks

Transactions and Agreements

Agreements tailored to your deal. Examples: Asset Purchase, Stock Purchase, Shareholder (Buy-Sell), Partnership, Operating (LLC), Licensing, Security and Pledge, Employment, Independent Contractor, Distribution, Settlement and Separation


I provide what you need to get your startup moving: Corporate formation, funding, shareholder agreements, placement offerings, trademarks, executive compensation, tax structures, option plans, website terms of use (yes, it’s a contract like any other – no more, but no less). Typical entity types are Corporations, S-Corporations, LLCs, Partnerships, Joint Ventures, B Corporations, Benefit Corporations, Flexible Purpose Corporations, and Non-Profit Corporations

He was able to unite various opinions and ideas into one cohesive document which was a rare skill. He was also an unusually skilled writer which helped immensely. He was wise, patient, financially fair, gave very quick responses, incredibly smart and made himself available on weekends if time sensitive. I couldn't have asked for a more positive legal experience.
Kim H. Petaluma, CA (Yelp Reviewer)